Basic knowledge of aluminium, aluminum

A basic knowledge
, aluminum aluminum is a lightweight metal, their compounds are very widespread in the natural world, aluminium content in the Earth's crust is about 8% (weight), after oxygen and silicon, with third place. Al was named the second metal, its production and consumption second only to iron and steel. Aluminum has a special chemical and physical characteristics, is one of the most commonly used industrial metal, not only light weight, texture, but also has good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and radiation resistance, is important for the development of basic raw materials.
specific gravity 2.7, General metal density of about 1/3. Aluminium wire of the electrical conductivity of copper is about 61%, half of the heat for the silver. Although extremely soft and rich ductility of pure aluminum, but still reliable cold-processed and made into alloys for it to harden. Are important sources of aluminum from bauxite, making one pound takes about two pounds of bauxite alumina, and manufacture a pound of aluminum also need two pounds of aluminum.
based on cultivar classification aluminum contents of principal components can be divided into three categories: high pure aluminum (Al, 99.93%-99.999%), the industry high pure aluminum (Al, 99.85%-99.9%), aluminum (Al, 98%-99.7%). Three, main application
/> nearly 50 years, aluminum has become one of the most widely used metal in the world. In the construction industry, aluminum anode stability in the air are widely treated excellent appearance; in the aviation and defense industry sectors is also extensive use of aluminum alloy material on power transmission on the standard high strength steel wire reinforced aluminum cables, in addition, automobile manufacturing, container transport, daily necessities, home appliances, machinery and equipment fields, such as extensive use of aluminum and aluminum alloys. BACK
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