Benefits of recycling of precious metals

Precious metals have become important materials for modern industry and national defense construction, due to its limited reserves, production difficulties, production is not higher, prices continue to rise, many industrialized countries have attached great importance to exploring this inexhaustible renewable resources of precious metals "bonanza" waste recycling precious metals with equal importance to the development of mineral resources, establishment of industrial and precious metals recycling management system.
developed countries every year from secondary resource recycling a lot of gold and silver. Current United States electronic waste treatment enterprises annual profits had already reached 25 million-$ 30 million. According to statistics, mining silver costs about 300,000 yuan 1 tons, 1 ton of silver only 10,000 yuan; mining 1 ounces of gold needed $ 250-$ 300, and 1 gold only need 100 dollars an ounce. Waste battery recycling old mobile phones, build up to 1 ton can extract 100 grams of gold.
precious metal recovery system is not sound
through years of development, China has initially formed a precious metal recovery system, including precious metal jewelry and jewelry scrap recycling, precious metal mine tailings and metallurgical factories, slag and plating wastes (liquid) recycled precious metal recovery system better.
the current larger State-owned, private or joint venture 150-200 recovery of precious metals manufacturers (excluding recycling jewelry and precious metals smelting enterprises). But recycling units scattered, can't form scale, and recycling equipment and backward technology, recovery rate is not high, a waste of resources and energy. Precious metals recycling workshop, the emergence of these precious metals recycling the self-employed while the precious metal scrap recycling plays a certain role, but the severe pollution problems. BACK
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