Foreign countries for the treatment of waste electrical and

With the severe global shortage situation, the world had already taken measures on the recovery and utilization of resources, recycling companies below will give you a little something about how some countries used electronics for recycling.
1. EU rules, the producer Member States shall be responsible for WEEE recycling and handling fees and construction costs of recycling facilities. When each producer in the products on the market shall bear the costs of recovery and recycling or final disposal, from non-profit organizations to operate.
2. Japan introduced a consumers pay mechanism, recycling fees for and managed by the Japan Association of home appliance the appliance recycling centers set up responsible for eventual Association, transport, recycling, management of expenditures, as well as reuse of production subsidies.
3. United States there is no national WEEE recycling fee is imposed by law, but the State has formulated relevant laws and regulations to explicitly WEEE recycling charges, as provided for in California, when consumers buy new computers or television sets, to pay every 6 to 10 dollars in electronic waste recycling fee. New Jersey and Pennsylvania passed legislation imposing tax on landfill and incineration.
only in such a way to ensure resources are not wasted, while achieving recycling, other than is good for the environment, but also make up for lack of lack of resources, two birds with one stone. BACK
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