Four steps to scrap processing

In recent years, new development of rare earth alloy aluminum modified, refining and refining process, is expected to make the scrap recycling industry's pollution problem has been completely resolved. This process is making full use of interaction of molten aluminum with characteristics of rare earth elements, play a rare element of refining aluminum melt purification and modification functions can be realized on aluminum melt purification, refining and modification of the integration process, not only simple and efficient, and can effectively improve the quality of metallurgical scrap aluminum. In dealing with the whole does not produce harmful fumes and other by-products.
(I) ingredients based on the preparation and quality of scrap material, in accordance with the technical requirements for recycled products, choose mix and calculate the amount of material. Degree of oxidation burning loss of hot metal, silicon and magnesium greater oxidation burning loss than other alloying elements of, the loss rate of alloying elements shall be determined by experiments in advance. Scrap aluminum physical specifications and will directly affect the regeneration of surface cleanliness end product quality and metal collection rate, with the exception of dirty oil, aluminum, high 20% of active ingredients into the slag.
(ii) regeneration of deformation and deformation of aluminum alloy by using waste aluminum production aluminum alloy 3003, 3105, 3004, 3005, 5050, which are mainly alloy 3105. In order to ensure the chemical composition of alloys to meet the technical requirements and pressure processing technology, when necessary, with addition of some primary aluminium ingots.
(iii) recycled cast aluminum alloy aluminum material only a small fraction of recycled wrought aluminium alloy, CA 1/4 steel with deoxidizer, most used in recycled cast aluminum alloy. Countries such as the United States and Japan are widely application of die-casting aluminum alloy A380, ADCl0 is basically made of waste aluminum recycling.

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