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As far as recycling know, at this stage of development, recycling, metal recycling is an important part of developing circular economy, as well as effective measures to alleviate the shortage of resources, more important is to reduce environmental pollution. Thus promote the development of renewable resources recovery industry, saving resources, transformation of the economic growth has a very important meaning, so the State attached a high degree of importance to this process.
full metal resources recycling, is to prevent loss of resources, environmental pollution, energy waste, effective ways for recycling resources and economic sustainable development; urban environmental protection and improve the residents ' quality of life; this is more conducive to enhancing residents ' awareness of the protection of resources and the environment. Governments at all levels the introduction of appropriate legislation, to strengthen the recovery and utilization of waste products, but both in advocacy and is on the Executive, and its strength is not required.
in the city, we often see street of scrap metal recycling bins, dedicated scrap recycling and scrap metal recycling company, several ways to recycle, along with the rapid development of the Internet, people can also find recycling related issues, waste products from home can find specialized salvage station. In this regard, a large scientific treatment of scrap metal is not very understanding, which will lead to contamination, heavy metal poisoning more serious is the situation. So this is quite an important point. Governments have a responsibility to guide people to reduce waste on the environment pollution. BACK
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