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No one could have imagined, when we don't recycle or when the move in the industry, what will become of the Earth, or at least I can't imagine. But for recycling, and abandon their benefits do not say, the most important thing is to prevent the burden of excessive consumption on Earth.
assumed no recycling, we will waste more power at the output of new materials recycling and application is on any other industry that can't be replaced. Economic developing country application materials recycling industry as a sunrise industry. With the rapid development of China's economy at the present stage, skills improvement, replacement of the slowdown, more and more products lose their value will become waste products into the waste product recycling and application stages. Thus set the standard waste product recycling market, effective application of useful resources, hazardous materials are properly addressed, prevention of cleaning up the environment, is very important.
recycling is only limited to this local waste collection and distribution, in urban network recovery and distributed classification bulk sales to consumer companies still have a lot of work to do. For instance recovery will rely on sub-district offices and jiaweihui, standard governance to the street vendors with acquisitions, dicing, uniform clothing, uniform training, network management. Both organs as the pilot, door-to-door service, receivable collected for waste as far as possible.
recycling in terms of sales after distribution, classification, materials recycling you should try is tied to businesses as a combination method of small amount, scope, and downstream consuming enterprises to form a relatively fixed supply and marketing relations, complete the industrialization operation of renewable resources. While progressive research and development of waste and secondary processing and comprehensive application, complete an in-place resources, further progress of waste applications, creating suitable for China's socialist market economy, lay out the basic characteristics of renewable resources recovery application. BACK
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