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Saving energy is a hot topic today, recently, this reporter for recycling applications to suspend the investigation, usual "family activity-buyers are-buying-consumption enterprises" in the recycling chain, not just serious devaluation of waste products in the family, in which buyers are purchasing, there is huge profit loss. />[family links "recycling rate" is approximately 60%
July 18, community resident Lee family papers, CDs, drink bottles sold out to the hawker, got a total of 10 Yuan. "Tapes, optical disks to 2 Yuan/kg for sale, newspapers are 1.5 Yuan/kg, 0.1 Yuan/drink bottles! "When a reporter informed her current recycling market, she was dumbfounded:" such a count, I at least 5 less money! "King of the more than 60 women are meticulous, she always found time to sell at high prices, is about more than 20 Yuan a month. But Ms Wang puzzle is, cans bottles, beer bottles, cans of eight-treasure porridge is no one is taking, there's waste away, unfortunately.
reporters the purchasing survey found that families of junk at least depreciated 40%. recovery/>[recovery links are not processed, profit loss
"return-processing, is equal to a null. "The sentence is within the recycling industry. People in the industry say, consumer companies such as paper mills in Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other places, the day run loss greater. May join soon the students even a scrap of plastic processing base stops observers. He introduced said: "there are thousands of types of plastic, price ranges from 1000 to 6000 Yuan/ton. "
the industry introduced said, a mineral water bottle into bottle, Cap and advertising films with trademark three-part, total price around 0.25 Yuan, and in theory it recovery of just 0.1 Yuan from family, sold to mega-station which is about 1.5 cents. Visible classification of waste processing margins are huge. Reason analysis of
people I do not know, lack of technical
acquisition is what reason constitutes a waste product in the family link and network in the profit and loss?
in the family link, residents have lost, because can't control the price changes, second, beer bottles and other glass, eight-treasure porridge pot, iron, milk bottles and other plastic did not produce profits; the third is weight loss, because some buyers are
scale, is not credible.
recycling network, most workers lack professional waste classifications to choose them; some is "technical problems"; the most important thing is the financial strength, due to the suspension of reprocessing waste products, demand a certain amount of equipment and goods storage, otherwise, chipping away even less worthwhile. BACK
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