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As with other industries, textile industries, there is also a lot of waste, like cutting out fabric corner, in the case of no use would be abandoned. Garment of pollution and energy consumption seems to be lower than that of other cars, paper and other products, but the fact is, complete process also includes a complex of a clothing chain and a great deal of energy consumption.
for example, a chemical fiber garment needs to consume a large amount of oil, even a plain cotton clothing including cotton planting, fertilizing, harvesting, textile, printing and dyeing, each link need to consume large amounts of resources. According to understand recycling company, United Kingdom average consumption has reached 1.9 million tons of textiles each year, but only 17% is recycled, most are used as landfill. As Japan each year, about 1 million tonnes of clothing was used as garbage, only 10% is reused.
to sum up, no doubt about it, textiles and garments have become the fastest-growing solid waste. Therefore, the reuse of discarded clothing means that the resource recycling and energy saving of textile recycling will meet China resource recycling and carbon credits.

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