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Dismantling of waste household appliances, Office equipment and processing lines

of one or projects with the development of society, improvement of people's consumption level, a variety of discarded home appliances, Office equipment, such as, have become a new kind of renewable resources. Especially in some developed countries attached great importance to the development and utilization of waste, from which you can recover industrial raw materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, plastic.
some discarded equipment containing hazardous substances, if handled properly, will cause serious harm to the environment, it is also the industry was the main reason for widespread concern at the international level.
recovery and utilization of waste household appliances in developed countries has become an emerging industry, from scrap processing and recycling, recycling and dismantling has formed a complete network, and a clear division of labour. Developed countries attached great importance to work in this area, a high recycling rate of waste home appliances and office equipment, some as high as 97%.
in Chinese household electrical appliances, community ownership of television has reached 350 million units, refrigerator 130 million units, washing 170 million units. These appliances use quite a few in the 1980 of the 20th century, according to 10-15 years of age, from 2000 onwards, every year about 5 million television sets, 4 million refrigerators, 5 million washing machines and scrap. In addition, computers, copiers, printers and other Office equipment and telephone and other communications equipment are rapidly increasing the amount of scrap.
now our Government attaches great importance to waste home appliances and office equipment recycling, Vice Premier Li Lanqing on the special instructions, the State economic and Trade Commission specially enacted the renewable resource recycling "XV" plan. Improve resource utilization, environmental protection, building a resource-conserving society has become an urgent task.
is a relatively developed economy in Beijing and Tianjin areas, consumption levels are higher, the number of home appliances, Office equipment, all types of scrap or more, plus Tianjin transportation hub, scrapped equipment that can be concentrated in other areas with low cost. Provided favourable conditions for the construction of the project.
II, and China waste appliances recycling using status
currently China waste appliances and waste office equipment of recycling using technology also compared behind, main of recycling using way for: 1. again using: some model behind still has using value of machine again into social, as two phone sales; 2. assembled group machine: some waste household appliances, and office equipment was split solutions Hou again assembled into machine, as two phone sales ; 3. recycling components: some waste appliances was split solutions Hou, out few is can was using of components, for assembled industry and maintenance industry; 4. recycling precious metals: on no using value of components, used chemical of and physical of method recycling which nonferrous metals and precious metals; 5. abandoned: for technology Shang cannot processing of and processing process in the no economic of waste appliances products and components used heap abandoned of way processing, due to some components in the contains toxic harmful material, long-term stacked, will on environment will caused serious effect.
III, developed countries of waste home appliances recycling
for utilization of waste household appliances in developed countries attach importance to, high technical level, led by Germany, have achieved waste mechanical treatment of waste household appliances and office equipment, waste recovery and utilization of equipment and low cost. Japan also attaches more importance to work in this area, recycling of waste home appliances also achieved a semi-mechanized.
from the perspective of waste household appliances used in developed countries, largely dismantling and sorting, for comprehensive utilization of most of the material, small amounts of harmless treatment of waste that cannot be used up.
four technology in this project will draw on advanced experience from developed countries and, in particular, part of Japan's technology, and full play to the advantages of human resources and cheap labor in China, building a Chinese characteristic of the leader of waste household appliances production lines.
process following:
waste household appliances, and office equipment,
manual split solutions out harmful parts (as screen, and compressor, and Silicon drum, separate processing)
split solutions out waste IC Board (separate processing)
magnetic selected waste steel
wind selected light material
floating selected amino carboxylic acid quality insulation fluoride Lyon (separate processing)
Eddy points selected waste aluminum
waste copper, material
Melting electrolytic refining fine copper
anode mud recycling precious metals
screen, and compressor of recycling processing process
screen separation compressor
Qian glass Hou glass separation
removal phosphor, crushed oil
fluoride Lyon recycling device
broken cleaning fuel vacuum taking fluoride Lyon
cleaning returns explicit as tube factory water plasma reaction tube
returns explicit as tube factory Hydrated lime in the and
agglutination slot
fluorite, and calcium chloride
process description:
1. manual split solutions: waste household appliances first for artificial split solutions, main purpose is split solutions Xia some processing difficulty big or toxic harmful of parts, as circuit board, and screen, and refrigeration compressor,, then respectively for processing;
2. broken and the magnetic selected: waste household appliances part parts split solutions out zhihou, host for broken, after magnetic selected, points elected waste steel;
3. wind selected: main purpose is points elected some light of material;
4. floating selected: used floating selected, points elected waste plastic,;
5. Eddy points selected: through Eddy points selected machine points elected aluminum and alloy;
6. screen of processing: screen to for separation, will its into before and after two part (both components not as), Qian glass points elected phosphor,, waste glass after broken, and cleaning,, returns screen production factory;
7. refrigeration equipment and compressor of processing: compressor main containing oil and fluoride Lyon, separation out of oil concentrated up do fuel. Freon can't just emissions, which have specialized equipment for recycling. Current main technology is the plasma decomposition method for handling freon. Using a dedicated device, at 400 degree temperatures to make freon generated Fluorite (CaF2), calcium chloride (CaCl2), such as water and carbon dioxide. Freon recycling equipment Japan technology.
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