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Aluminium is the largest amount of steel in the world outside of metal. In the non-ferrous metals, aluminum in terms of reserves and production, the amount of important front. The 1997 World aluminum production and usage amounts to 22 million tons and 23 million tons respectively. Since China's reform and opening up, has been the rapid development of aluminum industry, production by reforming and opening early 1983 44. Surge in 50,000 tons in 1998 to 2.43 million tons. Using a wide range of aluminum
. Civil, military, construction, transport, communications, electronic telecommunications, home appliances, electrical, mechanical, ... ..., all walks of life in the aluminum alloy is nearly ubiquitous. With the increase of production, use, waste aluminum products is also growing. Moreover, many aluminum products are disposable, made from product to product loss of value of time is shorter. Therefore, these waste mixed material into a source of pollution. How to use regeneration problems is urgent. Aluminum from ore into metal, and then to the extremely high cost of manufactured goods, huge energy consumption. Only electrolysis process produces one ton of aluminum be 13000-15000 kW an hour. By scrap metal and aluminum recycling could, reuse, material consumption energy consumption is greatly reduced, saving resources and costs. Therefore, waste aluminum recycling, reuse, whether from saving the Earth's resources, saving energy, costs, shorten the period of production processes, or from environmental protection, improving the ecological environment and other areas have very great significance.
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