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Knowledge of common iron and steel scrap recycling

Iron and steel scrap recycling process, often used to cut, packaged, crushing, sorting, cleaning, preheating and other forms, waste steel form can be used by metallurgical quality raw materials. Depending on the waste form, size and level of pollution and recycling use and quality requirements, using different approaches.
shear shearing process aimed primarily at length over a certain size of steel, shaft, and a variety of large-scale metal structure, a cold cut.
also known as press pack. Main volume of loose tubes, containers, lightweight materials, granular materials, powders and so on. Purpose is to reduce the volume, ease of handling and transport; the second is the production of high density material, easy to steel-making process.
broken is a big piece of iron and steel scrap and the associated appendages break into small fragments or particles, to facilitate the sorting of waste. Crushing are mechanical crushing and physical fragmentation of the two. Mechanical crushing is the use of crusher, is now the most commonly used method. Crocodiles are the main Crusher crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher and shear breaking machines. Physical breaking frozen crushing, ultrasonic fragmentation.
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