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Abundant and cheap labor resources in China. How to play this kind of superiority, in the pretreatment phase of waste household appliances improve the added value of products, the development of environmentally friendly recycling techniques in line with China's national conditions, our research topics. Used electrical household appliance recycling research group after repeated attempts, analysis, filtering, identified a technical solution. Technical courses of the programme manual disassemble + special tools, equipment, the pretreatment of waste household appliances. Trying to show that this program is economically efficient.
1. refrigerator compressor cover technology. Compressor shell plate thickness 3mm, is a substantial part. Breaking at low temperature in liquid nitrogen technology abroad, expensive crusher, running noise, vibration, high energy consumption and wear. Domestic milling cutters open technology, open cover machine 60,000 yuan per unit, open a cover to 1.5 minutes, and tool wear. We will use open technology, open cover machine 15,000 yuan per unit, and open a cover with only 1 minute.
2. cathode ray tube (CRT) recycling technology. Our development waste cathode ray tubes used in the attempt of foam glass, tube, tube and pipe, respectively conical, pipe-cone production of foam glass products. Bubble glass is a environmental type adiabatic material, it is to waste glass for main raw materials, joined sent bubble agent, and modified sex agent and promote agent, by crushed, and mixed, formed tie material, will its into heat mold in the, after Preheat, and melting, and sent bubble, and annealing process made of more hole glass material, its flame retardant sex good, sucking water rate low, size stability good, can for buildings roof, and outside wall outside insulation; low temperature pipeline, and container of insurance cold,. As roof and wall insulation materials, construction cost is about 110~120 Yuan/sq m, and polystyrene, foam plastic, rather.
3. R12 refrigerant recycling equipment selection: we investigate three types of R12 recovery machine. United States ROBINAIR machine for 30,000 yuan/R12; REFCO machine for RMB 14,000/R12; machine for 3500/R12. By comparison, we pick machine for R12 R12 recovery attempt.
4. shell of discarded refrigerators, washing machines and dismantling process and attempt to improve value-added applications research. In application-specific tools for waste refrigerators, washing machine dismantling attempt, held on the basis of the shell, developed a "disused refrigerator, freezer box steel plates recovery method", and to apply to the national patent office patent application number 03150217.2, has passed the first instance, is inadmissible. This dismantling process of recycled products, the price is about than packed blocks of scrap iron and steel increased four to five times.
5. stator windings of copper and iron separation technology. Study on Xuzhou material recycling with plasma cutting, hand saw, oxy-acetylene gas cutting programme, the stator winding separation of copper and iron. By comparison, determine the milling cutter cutting and separation technology solutions, each device costs 40,000 yuan, stator windings of separating a 7-8 minutes. Expect improved, equipment fee of 30,000 yuan each, separated a stator for about 2 minutes.
6. the work being done are: non-ferrous metals, rare metals recycling waste printed circuit board technology, market research recycling technology of waste cathode ray tubes returned to plant and market research technology tries to study the separation of waste cathode ray tube screens, cones; polyurethane, R11, separation and recovery of waste refrigerators technical investigation.
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