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Plight of the scrap recycling industry and hope

Garbage dilemma and hope
batteries and aseptic boxes at room temperature are two problems in the recycling process. Present situation of these two industries, representing the garbage industry's dilemma and hope. Waste battery trouble

recovery and utilization of waste battery in China has experienced two completely different periods. Beijing businessman Wang Zixin, called King of waste batteries, is the best witness to this process.
because of concerns about mercury contamination in the environment of waste battery, from 1997 the Chinese Government began promoting recycling of waste batteries. Doctor-turned-Wang Zixin from 1999 are concerned about battery recycling industry, cooperation with the Beijing science and Technology University, in Hebei province, invested in a wet electrolytic waste battery recycling plant, but because they cannot solve the sewage problem, media exposure, was forced to suspend the project.
July 2002 NIE yongfeng, Tsinghua University Professor published an article entitled the scientific understanding of the environmental impact of waste battery article, pointing out that ordinary lower mercury content in batteries or mercury, and consumer groups dispersed, solid waste landfill does not cause pollution. After concentrated collection, if not dealt with properly, it is easy to create localized mercury contamination. He put forward the "mandatory ban, careful collection and recycling of mercury" approach, saying that "under the conditions of market economy, does not allow financial subsidies to enterprises of waste batteries, can only be upholding the principle of corporate voluntary. Such as enterprise of technological, operational, or from the point of view of public service, even if the loss is willing to do, you can also carry out this business. "
the State environmental protection administration approved this proposal, in 2003 introduced a new management method of recycling of waste batteries, no longer encourage the recycling of low-mercury mercury-free batteries. 2004 national large-scale remediation environmental movement, the first shot is the factory that Wang Zixin. One night, Wang Zixin has disappeared from public view.
not so long ago, your correspondent in Daxing County in Beijing, Wei Shan Zhuang Wang Zixin were found in a farmyard, he does not give up the cause, but through his own research, combined with advanced foreign technology, invented a new processing technology of vacuum and high temperatures. He scraped together the 150,000 yuan, built a small test equipment, made 5 batches of tests prove that this method is effective.
to build a large-scale production line, you need at least 3 million Yuan investment. Wang Zixin cannot come up with the money, had to turn around, but so far there is no hope. Now named "pioneer" test equipment lying quietly in the yard, and parts have begun to rust.
"If the use of this technology, even if all the batteries are no-cost into the plant, processing 1 ton of battery's profit was only 400 Yuan, average battery 6. If plus freight, can only be guaranteed, so no one is willing to invest. "Wang Zixin told our reporter.
Wang Zixin thought to apply for ECF, but all of which applicants are required to set up a company with registered capital of 1 million Yuan, Wang Zixin cannot come up with the 1 million Yuan.
last year, Japan Sanyo company sponsored him 170,000 yuan, he used the money to rent in Wei Shan Zhuang 3 acres, pigeon House and built a few waste battery storage warehouse. But this is obviously an expedient measure, Wang Zixin is also looking forward to fall from the sky when 3 million Yuan, so he thought the factory was built. The problem is that he always wants to be in one step, refused to cooperate with others. Such a Quixote-like environment-friendly way, in today's society is certainly not feasible. Hope
Tetra Tetra Pak recycling areas also used to be a garbage problem.
such as Tetra Pak milk box (or laminated) usually contains about 75% of paper, and the rest is plastic and aluminium film, cannot directly be in a pure pulp. People did not know before, often packed mixed waste paper into the paper pulp plant, but can't fully process paper plant, will have to pick out and throw it away. A man fell in a Tetra Pak package material, compress it into wood materials, replacing part of the functions of the Board. But in doing so changed the features of raw materials, added value is very low, prices have been high. Tetra China recovery rate has been hovering around 10%, is half of the world average, European level of 1/3.
"Tetra Pak which is the principle to which go back from the back to the resource. "The Vice President of Tetra Pak China Yang bin said to the reporter," If you can separate out paper, plastic and aluminum for recycling, resource utilization can be maximized. "
say that the technology is not complex, just to build a hydraulic pulper and a set of plastic separation equipment, aluminum-plastic sieve residue after extracting pulp separation. This process through technical demonstration and practice, no secondary pollution as a whole, in full compliance with the requirements of environmental protection. But the nature of the products that can only be done by small factories, and the Chinese Government because of environmental concerns, not to encourage new small paper mills, some paper mills and like to use United States importing waste paper-more than domestic waste paper works well.
"United States waste paper divided into 56 categories, and very clean without washing, is peace of mind. "Beijing Xin Hong Peng, General Manager of paper Guo Zhenqi said to the reporter," and Americans not to sell the paper, the cost of freight is the only, so use United States paper makes more sense than using domestic waste paper. "
after the outbreak of the economic crisis, as oil prices fall sharply, American wasted costs also fell, on the domestic impact of the recycling industry is very large. "We like to say waste, covered in treasure, but I felt the need to change their thinking, before the waste is not being used, only waste product. "Manager Kuo said," our country's recycling industry on small margins, if the waste collected can be as free as foreign, this industry space is very big. "
which is unprofitable, Taiwan nobody recycled Tetra Pack, watched from Northern Europe and other places of high quality long fiber was sent to the landfill or burned as fuel.
in recent years, as consumer environmental awareness improved significantly, as one of the major manufacturers of compound paper packing of Tetra to feel the pressure.
so, they decided to take the initiative, seeking cooperation with small paper mills, on the technical and financial support towards the recycling of Tetra Pak.
"our strategy is to first step back, Tetra waste processing industry, then the front legs, use market forces to promote recovery of Tetra Pak packages. "Tetra Pak company looking for willing paper mills all over the country, lend each other using hydro-pulper, and help them to open sales channel, expand the Tetra collection network, and strive to eventually manage to operate.
Xin hongpeng paper company is the partner of Tetra Pak in Beijing. Correspondents traveled to factories in the district a few days ago, I saw outside the factory filled with a collection of Tetra Pak packaging.
"we only had an old factory production lines, can only handle about 100 tons per month, at any stage. "Director of Donghai Cheng said," we are Tetra 70% collected waste from food processing plants, only 30% is collected in the community. Our goal is to build a larger production lines, to increase the handling capacity to 700 tons per month, the level of 10,000 tons a year. By then we will be hungry, will have to take the initiative, to the society bought. "
Tetra pulp well, this factory produces craft paper and almost Virgin wood pulp paper is no difference, not an expert can tell, can sell for about 4500 Yuan per ton on average. In addition, extracted from the box of plastic can sell for 3000 Yuan a tonne, aluminium powder can sell for 8000 Yuan per ton. Have a guaranteed profit, paper mill will be able to purchase Tetra Pak packaging, using lever of price to stimulate recycling. Tetra's acquisition price per tonne at present has reached about 900 Yuan, 100 Yuan more expensive than ordinary cardboard. If freight rates were, a comprehensive cost about 1200 Yuan a tonne, raw material costs accounted for 1/3 of the total cost of the factory.
"in any case, our acquisitions can only be limited in North China, is unlikely to be big, annual production value of more than 20 million Yuan. "Guo Zhenqi Manager said to the reporter," this high risk industry, affected by the financial crisis last year, paper prices drop 1000 Yuan, no profit margins squeezed all at once. Therefore, we hope that the national policy to give a certain amount of support, helping us continue this benefit the cause. "
" We hope that through their own efforts, other industries involved in environmental causes. "Yang bin said to the reporter," only individual action, drive through industry associations, establishing a sustainable recycling industry chain, to get a healthy development of the cause of environmental protection in China. ”
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