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Most metals can be in the form of recycling metals recycling, industrial metal recycling industry in developed countries, recycling metals recycling rates high.   Due to strong market demand, China's nonferrous metals industry development by leaps and bounds, China has become the world production and consumption of non-ferrous metals, the metal recycling industry in the world, China plays an important role in the development of the metal recycling industry.   Silver Ag, gold Au, arsenic As, bismuth Bi, chrome Cr, cobalt Co, copper Cu, iron Fe, hafnium Hf, indium In, Iridium Ir, Mo Mo, manganese Mn, NB Nb, nickel Ni, Palladium Pd, Platinum Pt, lead Pb, SE Se, Tin Sn, antimony Sb, thallium Ta, titanium Ti, vanadium v, tungsten w, yttrium y, zinc Zn, zirconium Zr, magnesium Mg, and aluminum Al, and Silicon Si, and p p, elements. Metal/alloy plates, wire rods, ball-shaped, granule, powder, wood shavings, soil, slag, ores, coating, welding, pipe, plastic, PCB, paste, liquid, etc.
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