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Six big Achilles heel of laptop do you know

Death: motherboard
ask around at Ben's brother, possible motherboard problems accounted for a much larger number, include the author's first book is why boards hung up. General Board, out of the machine will not turn on. Motherboard problem, in many cases integrated circuit caused by short circuit. General Board damage, only for the Board. Board machine for the price of around one-fourth, but the problem is a headache thing. We need to guard against is, do not use liquid leaking into the motherboard, it's most likely to make a mistake. Don't refresh the BIOS time. In addition, the high voltage Board penetrated, is not uncommon. If peak or power just after power failure recovery, an electrical storm, the author recommends that the battery-powered, do not receive power.
bane II: hard drive laptop hard drive than the computer's hard disk
Shanghai seismic, but he is afraid of falling. Everyone interested can put a laptop hard drive to see that label also suggests it is very afraid of falling. Why? Because the laptop's hard disk is much smaller than the confidential, but the principle is the same, but also due to complex electronic components. Although manufacturers of laptop optimized for shock-resistant, but due to its unique composition, and is very afraid of earthquakes. Remind you, bumping over the vehicle, do not use the laptop. Books on the desk, being careful not to fall to the ground. Know laptop hard drives cheap, but the information is worth a lost recipe.
stone ter: LCD
LCD is relatively weak, but also a fragile. LCD main LCD, lamp is made of glass, and is a weak sister Lin from head to toe. Although LCD organic cover, but under the present trend of thin books, this protection is very limited. Do not put heavy objects on the LCD, will make glass shatter. Laptop in the bag, in cash when you go out, take care that no books meet something hard. Accidentally dropped on the floor, LCD also tend to bear the brunt. LCD is one of the big books, accounting for about one-fourth top of the machine, and once the damage is rarely fixed, only new ones.
the death of the four: string, and
the interface because it does not support hot plug and some careless brothers carried out without shutting down the operation, is easy to string, and burned to the ground. What is more, causing short circuit board scrap. Change the string, and change to a less expensive, but more trouble. There may be some brothers would say, we could almost do without strings, and mouth, bad let him go broke. But if the books used for debugging, which is an essential, when you need a banquet is a very painful thing.
the death of the five touch pad
summer has arrived, not clean our hands more easily. A finger-touch Board, top coat will soon disappear, seriously shorten the service life, over light laptop keyboard wear, then scrapped. When computer is turned on, if we can take a hand?
the death of six: CD
the death with some special love of the MM of the disc had a great relationship. To know the original standard optical drives are generally in the thousands or more, if a disc, then I dare to head security, a year or so your drive will die. You really have to look at the disc, it is better to buy a DVD player, how is also stronger than the book. What do you do know my laptop's CD drive? My T40 combo except install the software, burn, backup, not doing other things.
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