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What is notebook matte screens, mirror screen

mirror screen surface smooth, reflective for retro-reflective,
"advantages and disadvantages"
advantages: high transmittance, clear images without reflective, high surface hardness, hardness of 3H.
cons: reflective questions, in case will affect the use of reflective eyes might just be the mirror reflects the light to, just feel sick
/> matte screen that is anti-pulp screen surface spray treatment, amplified surface is relatively coarse, light reached above, the diffuse reflection.
"advantages and disadvantages"
advantages: fog surface screen has anti-glare light of function, in has reflective of situation Xia still can see screen Shang of image, screen not has strongly of reflective effect sight, also not was does not apply,
shortcomings: light fortunately no mirror screen high, surface hardness relative low, General hardness for 2H,
generally, due to mirror screen its against light rate strong, picture clarity high, household type, and entertainment type notebook computer most used this screen, Matte anti glare of the screen well, mostly used in business notebook.
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